Thursday, 16 May 2013

Top 5 food nutrients for skin and hair: Part 2

Here is the second part of the post Top 5 Nutrients for Skin and Hair. Here we talk about Vitamin D and Flavinoids and the major food sources of these nutrients.

Vitamin D 

Our skin has been endowed with the capacity to produce Vitamin D from sunlight. This not only delays ageing but also prevents skin cancer. Research has shown a link of this precious Vitamin with hair loss and sleep disturbances. 
Sources: Salmon fish, Milk, Cereal, Eggs, orange juice and mushrooms

Doctor what is the recommended dosage for each age group?
The American Academy of Dermatology has recommended a 200 IU/day dose for children (0–14 y), 200 IU for the age population between 14–50 y, 400 IU for the 50–70 y and 600 IU for people over their 71st year of age. Consult your Dermatologist for an appropriate dosage regimen.

Flavinoids and other Polyphenols - The fountain of youth

Of lately Green tea is becoming very popular beverage and offers a variety of benefits not only for skin but other organ systems too.  This property is because of he presence of these compounds known as polyphenols. The health benefits offered by them often extend beyond skin . 
Sources: Richly found in vegetables , dry legumes , grapes , cherries and cereals, they prevent hair fall , ageing and is natural antioxidant. 

What is the ideal cooking practice to retain these nutrients?
Sadly the content of these nutrients get heavily affected by the cooking methods used . 
For Example onions, which are a major source of phenolic acids and flavonoids, and tomatoes lose between 75% and 80% of their initial content when boiled over 15 min, 65% when cooked in a microwave oven and 30% when fried. In French fries or freeze-dried mashed potatoes no remaining phenolic acids are found.


keep glowing and take care of your skin to remain Skin healthy and Skin wiser!!


  1. How to gain vitamin D ?

  2. As I have indicated in my post the Sources are Salmon fish, Milk, Cereal, Eggs, orange juice and mushrooms


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