Thursday, 9 May 2013

How to keep your skin glowing during summers: Summer care tips for skin

Come summers and we all dread that sweaty and oily look on the face. With Bangalore brewing hot , it becomes all the more important for us to go a little extra in taking care of our skin and hair and how to keep the skin glowing during summers. I share some skin care tips which may be useful in daily care of our skin and hair during Bangalore summers.

a) Stay hydrated!
Our body signals thirst and reacts by producing more oil. Oiliness is nature's way of flushing skin toxins when water intake is less. Drink more water to balance the skin pH.

b) What not to drink?
Aerated drinks and concentrated juices as high sugar content in them predisposes to breakouts and pimples.

c) Which drinks are the best then?
Do not forget to replace your aerated drinks with home made buttermilk and tender coconut water. The latter is a natural source of lot of natural nutrients for the skin. Cooling herbs and spices like mint, cardamom and fennel can be added to our daily cup of tea for their antioxidants content. Green tea should me made a daily ritual. Lime barley water cools the body and mind together.

d) Exfoliate it out!
A light scrub makes a lot of difference as dead skin is more accumulated in summers. Do not forget to do at-least twice a week using cosmetic product or home made ones.

e) Sun protection -Lather sunscreen up!
There is an increased intensity of sun rays in summers for which we should keep our sun protection gear ready. A sunscreen of at-least SPF 30 should be applied generously along with other measures like hats , scarves and sunglasses. Try UV indexed sunglasses ! Avoid stepping out between 10 am and 3 pm as the summer sun is harshest then.

f) Do not forget your lips!
Lips deserve a bland moisturizer to prevent it from drying preferably one with a sunscreen for added benefits of sun protection.

g) Manage your mane
Summertime is bad for our hair too as sweat , dust and  grime make our scalp go oily in a crazy way. To add to the woes is the sunlight damaging our hair too. Do not forget to wash your hair everyday or alternate days to prevent dandruff woes which may increase in summers.

h) Your summer make up regime
Replace your liquid and cream based make up with mineral based powders. Use waterproof mascara and gloss instead of sticky lipsticks.

i) Swimming and skin care
As we hit the swimming pool in summers, do not forget to keep a post swim moisturizer at hand. Shower cap has to be donned every time you enter the pool along with a water resistant sunscreen

Keep me posted on queries and comments .I will be happy to answer them! Have a safe day and enjoy the summer glow!!!

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