Saturday, 8 June 2013

Choose your Shampoo as per your hair type

In the previous post I explained the key components of a shampoo. Now that you know what are the different components of shampoo label, you should try to figure out a shampoo which is most suited for your hair type. In this post I explained the different components you should watch out for depending on your hair type when you purchase shampoo. 

Normal Hair – Chose any shampoo with Lauryl Sulfate derivatives as they require good cleansing  and minimal conditioning.

Oily-Hair  – Excellent cleansing and minimal conditioning properties. Lauryl sulfate or sulfosuccinate surfactants work best . Ph of the shampoo should be between ph 5-6 and should not be too acidic or alkaline. These shampoos should be avoided by people with dry hair.

Dry Hair – mild cleansing and good conditioning  is required. This type of hair should not be washed daily . Try to rinse it little more to prevent a build up of conditioning agents.

Damaged Hair Cuticle magnified image

Damaged – Hair shampoos – Avoid excessive washing , hot combs and styling methods. Hydrolyzed animal or soy protein works best for hair repair.

In my next post I will how to choose your hair conditioners. Till then take good care of your hair and skin..stay skin healthy and skin wiser!!

Dr Divya Sharma is a practicing dermatologist at Bangalore. The data shared in this blog is her personal opinion based on her knowledge and experience. The author is not responsible for any adverse event that arises out of following blog opinion


  1. Hi
    yes you're right, we should choose the right shampoo to achieve a beautiful hair. Thanks for this post.


    1. Hi Jazz
      Thanks for your encouraging words.
      Dr Divya Sharma

  2. Dear Dr. Divya, very nice blog post as you have described and suggested the shampoos for all type of hair. I would appreciate if you also add curly hair in your blog and suggest hair products for them.

    Lara Smith
    Hair Stylist Brisbane

  3. Thanks Lara. I have made a note and very soon i will come up with a post on Curly hairs as well. thanks for the suggestion

  4. Thanks for sharing this site, it is very informative for the business personals.

  5. Thanks, It is one of my initiatives to connect with my patients and other people interested to know more about skin and hair. Glad to know even business personnel find it interesting.


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