Thursday, 18 April 2013

8 Things you must know about sweat!

Come summers and most of the people complain of increased sweating and body odor. This goes without saying that it is not only socially embarrassing but an inconvenience too. Here are a few tips from your dermatologist on skin and hair solutions blog to control the sweat mania this summer.

1) HYDRATE !HYDRATE! HYDRATE! Quench the thirst soon!!  
Drink lots of water to detoxify and allow easy flushing of our body toxins. Our body produces more sweat if it senses less body fluids to keep our skin wet. Coconut water ,mango panna and lime water should replace aerated and frizzy drinks available in the market as the former are healthier and replenish many a lost vital body salts.

2) Why does it Sweat?                                                                                                                          Sweat is produced in human body to regulate the body temperature by its cooling effect via evaporation. Also it releases lot of toxic substances from the system.Most of the times it is not noticeable until the rate exceeds the rate of evaporation which can be affected by climate, stress and levels of activity.

3) What is the source of this sick odor?
Moist warm conditions in the underarms promote bacterial overgrowth which break down the fatty acids in the sweat and produce odor causing organisms. This process is accentuated if Hair are not removed as they cause more bacterial overgrowth.

4) Keep yourself squeaky clean!!!
The role of daily shower with a thorough toweling of the sweat prone areas cannot be overemphasized  Change your sweaty clothes out of your wardrobe and a fresh pair of fabric will definitely allow your skin to breathe.

5) Deodorants or antiperspirants ? Which one for me?                                                      Deodorants only serve to mask the odor while Antiperspirants  reduce odor and decrease sweat too. While the former can be applied to any body part and is classified as cosmetic , the latter are mainly used for underarms and are labelled as drugs.Antiperspirants have aluminium compounds  which react with the skin salts and form gel plugs the sweat glands. They exert a slight astringent effect causing pores to contract.

6)  Are there any side effects?                                                                                                   People with kidney problems and known allergy to preservatives should  definitely avoid the aluminum containing antiperspirants.There are alcohol free products available for people who get burning on application. These products should be of course used only if necessary and if lifestyle changes don't help as a little amount when used over a long time can definitely get absorbed through the skin into your system. Consult your dermatologist for the best product suited for you.

7)  Shall I make any changes in my diet?
Lots of food items especially garlic , onion, pepper and  spicy curries along with non vegetarian items like red meat should be completely avoided as they are removed from the body via sweat.  A plant based diet is AN INTERNAL DEODORIZER .. Chlorophyll and phytonutrients cleanse you from the inside out. Aromatic herbs like sage , rosemary , thyme ,oregano  and parsley , celery and mint are natural treasure of detoxifying agents.

Eat a healthy diet made of whole grains , green leafy vegetables , fresh fruits , soy products , raw nuts and plenty of healthy fluids will supercharge your system and body odor shall be a thing of past....


  1. This is great information doctor, Thanks for sharing. Keep posting we look forward to your posts

  2. It's pleasantly surprising to see the Holistic Approach by a doctor who specialises in Western Medicine (Dermatology) specially these days when naturopathy has become 'just a big word' in the mouth of quacks to attract patients and suffering individuals and rip off their hard earned money.
    Its really a great initiative by you one can be sure that the info one is getting is reliable as it comes from an Expert in the field... and it will inspire others as well back at IGMC to follow your footsteps..
    Keep blogging.. :-)


  3. Thanks Dr Virat I appreciate your concern regarding the importance of diet in medicine, can't agree more. Thanks for your encouragement I guess this is what shall keep me motivated to write and share. best wishes!

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