Monday, 15 April 2013

Hair loss approach explained in This week Bangalore

Dr Divya talks about a scientific approach to dealing with hairloss in the city based tabloid- "This week Bangalore" Sharing a snippet of the interview on skin and hair solutions blog, you can read the entire article by clicking on the following link:


  1. hi divya
    the link is not working
    i want to know how protein supplement causes baldness and what are the precautions

  2. Research has shown that whey protein increases the receptors of testosterone which is the major muscle building hormone in males, also it is because of this hormone that men get a receding hairline so supplements add on to entire process and may aggravate hairloss.

  3. Hi Dhivya, I'm Bhaskar. Met you for my baldness / hairloss. You gave me a foam which has to be applied twice a day on the dry scalp morning and night. In the instruction menu it says to use only half cup of foam for applying but half cup is not sufficient as its very little. can i use one full cup of foam? Thanks.

    1. Hi Bhaskar try to use half cup only as that is the recommended dose. You can apply in back and sides in morning time and front and top of your scalp at night. I think this should solve your problem :)

    2. thanks, got it. will get back to you incase if i have anymore queries. :-)


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