Friday, 17 May 2013

Seven Do’s and Don’ts for healthy hands

Dexterity is one of the biggest assets of human evolution. Still we tend to ignore them a various little signals it sends across before it becomes full blown problem. Lot of patients come with skin issues these days and more often it is a result of ignorance and neglect . I share a few tips onto the best skincare for patients already suffering from hand allergies and for prevention.

a) Age is no bar
No age group is resistant to develop hand allergies although it has been more commonly seen in young adults . Start taking care of your hands at the earliest.

b) Sensitive skin -Beware!
People with sensitive skin tend to develop hand allergies too soon with even a little exposure. People who have allergies , asthma and recurrent allergic sinus allergies are more prone.

c) How to wash your hands?
           i) Use a mild , fragrance free soap or hand wash and slightly warm water.

          ii) Slightly wet your hands before applying soaps. Take off your rings before washing.

         iii) Use a soap substitute like shower gel , aqueous cream based or paraffin based hand washes , preferably fragrance free.

         iv) The lesser the amount of soap substitute used , the better!

         v) Thoroughly rinse your hands and pat dry with focus on skin between fingers.

d) Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!
Follow your hand wash with a fragrance free moisturizer . Consult your Dermatologist for prescribing one suited best for you.

e) Apply moisturising cream at least ten times a day . Keep moisturizer stacked at every location where hands are washed like kitchen , bathroom and laundry room.

f) Sunprotect the most!
Hands age even faster than face as they are not cared much in sun . Do not forget to apply a thick layer of sunscreen to your hands.

g) Keep your nails properly trimmed, clean and filed as they add beauty and a hint of grace to your soft hands. Nicely painted nails add gold to the glitter!!!

Wishing you soft, glowing and healthy hands!!!

Next Section talks about the care of hands and feet in people suffering from eczema s or allergies ....till then keep glowing and take care of your skin to remain Skin healthy and Skin wiser!!


  1. Thank you so much for this informative post Doctor.

    1. Hi Nidhi
      Thanks a lot for your compliment
      Best Wishes

  2. Thnx Dr. Divya. I was suffering from this. And this article will help me a lot. Eagerly waiting for your next article as mentioned by you.
    Between I have a question, these eczema occurs on all my limbs and mostly legs and less on hands. And on legs also those parts which are mainly always covered, above knee part. And second thing is that I am from Patna and this city enjoys a very good winter when compared to Bangalore. Here in Bangalore I do not suffer from these eczema but few days ago when I was in Patna, these eczema were quite common. I will be very much thankful if you could help or suggest .. :)

    1. Hi Vivek
      Thanks for your kind words. Eczema can occur both due to external factors like dry , cold weathers and internal factors like Dry skin nature. Precautions remain the same irrespective of your place of residence. You can follow the same practice on rest of your body. Moisturise your entire body within 2 to 3 minutes of bath and avoid too much of soap cleansers.


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