Saturday, 8 March 2014

8 womanly tips to a beautiful YOU!

Woman is one of the most beautiful creation of nature. Her life is a canvas full of shades of love in its vivid forms. A daughter, sister, wife and a mother. Bestowed with the highest honors of motherhood, a woman strongly anchors the household and family together. But in playing multiple roles, sometimes she forgets to feed her very own existence . On this day of celebrating womanhood, I want to encourage all womenfolk to take up charge of their own selves. Here are a few tips to a beautiful and a wonderful ‘You’      

     1. It all starts with fitness

The real secret to a glowing face is the glory of complete physical and mental fitness. A stroll in the morning for half an hour followed by deep breathing sessions in the garden of your apartment complex can be the most refreshing start to your day. Remember this makes a huge difference in the long run.

   2. Cleansing – toning – moisturizing

A good non –comedogenic, fragrance and parabens free cleanser followed by an alcohol free toner followed by a good moisturiser after twenty minutes of application of former is the minimum you can do as a daily routine.

3. Sunscreen every day keeps ageing away

Daily application of sunscreen with minimum SPF of 15 (Ethnic skin ) upto 50 ( fairer skin type) twenty minutes before going out everyday is a must –have on your dressing table. Donot forget  to apply it before the lunch trips to your son’s school  or bus stop.

4. Hair conditioning

A good hair conditioner containg hydrolysed proteins after head wash at-least once a week.

5. The night cream

A good anti ageing cream with retinol ,  anti ageing peptides after washing face is a good routine to follow. Remember every woman after achieving 30 years should start the night regime. A good serum containing Vitamin C is an added benefit.

6. Anti – Oxidants

A vitamin supplement containing omega three fatty acids and Calcium -Vitamin D should be on the menu everyday.

7. Genital hygiene

Simple cleaning with hot water and gentle soap at bath is enough for cleaning the intimate area. Addition of antiseptic agents and vaginal douching is a strict no as they destroy the good bacteria which aid in natural cleaning and maintaining vaginal health. Cleaning should be done front to back side. Cotton – Linen undergarments are desirable.

8. Keep a ‘ me – time’

      Me time- when you do what you love to do . It could be listening     to a beautiful song, paint or dance to your favourite tune. You are   more than the roles you play.

A Great thanks to all the women who have been a part of our journey and make this world a better place to live. HAPPY WOMANHOOD TO ALL. 
Stay skin healthy and skin wise

Dr Divya Sharma is a practicing dermatologist at Bangalore. The data shared in this blog is her personal opinion based on her knowledge and experience. The author is not responsible for any adverse event that arises out of following blog opinion


  1. Very nice tips Dr. Divya! As a woman I always look for things I can do between chores.
    Question:are there any brands you recommend?

    1. Thanks for your appreciation!
      I generally go for pharmaceutical brands rather than OTC ones as nature of contents and action is fully known.

  2. Very helpful!! :)
    Thank you Doc.

    1. Hi Anushka
      Thank you for your kind words
      Best Wishes

  3. Thanks Dr Divya, very helpful. Could you please suggest a good hair conditioner with hydrolysed proteins

    1. HI Shruthi
      Most of the OTC Brands contain this as hydrolysed soy or wheat protein in ingredients.You can use any of them.
      Best Wishes

  4. Divya mam,,very impressive.can you suggest name of some good cleanser so dat it will help me a lot...thanx

    1. Hi Sarita
      It is in your very best that you use a cleanser according to your skin type. Please let me know about your skin type ( You can fill in the questionnaire on this link and i shall give you a personalized feedback on your skin type . I shall guide you accordingly
      Best Wishes and thanks for your appreciation

  5. Cool stuff !!!


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